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Use the Orders menu to sets properties for the Order Book window.



Include Undisclosed Qty in Working Qty

Sets all WrkQty fields in X_TRADER to display the sum of working and undisclosed quantities.

Note: Undisclosed quantity values continue to be displayed in the UndiscBuys and UndiscSells fields.

Display deleted orders

Shows deleted orders in the Orders pane.

Display Position Reserve Orders

Determines whether position reserve orders display in the Orders and Fills, Order Book and Audit Trail. By default, they are not displayed.

In the Orders and Fills Window, the position reserve row background color is orange, and the TTStatus is Pos Resrv.


Order BookDescription


Lets you specify which font to use in the Fill window. You can specify the font family, font size, and whether to use bold text.

Default Columns: Order Book

Lets you select the default visible columns for the Order Book window.


Original Qty/Work QtyDescription

Original Qty/Work Qty

When you highlight a row in the Order Book, the quantity field displays:

  • Original Quantity: Just the order's original quantity regardless of partial fills.
  • Work Quantity: The current working quantity of the order, taking partial fills into consideration.


Counterparty MembersDescription
Counterparty Members

Allows you to locally configure counterparty display information.


Orders and Fills WindowDescription

Move filled orders to the top

Moves all fully filled and partially filled orders to move to the top row of the Orders pane.

Default Columns:

Orders Pane Columns

Fills Pane Columns

Summary Pane Columns

Sets the default visible Orders, Fills, and Summary Pane column, respectively, in the Orders and Fills Window.

Toolbar Buttons: Order Toolbar

Sets which buttons appear in the Order toolbar and their order.

FontSets the font properties attributed to the Orders and Fills Window.


Confirmation MethodDescription

Window style

Determines how you will confirm an order before it is submitted:

  • None: No confirmation method.
  • Flash button text: Highlights the button and adds the word, Apply.
  • Display confirmation box: Shows the Confirm Order dialog box.