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Use the Positions menu to set properties for the Position window.


P/L based onDescription

P/L based on

Recalculates your Profit and Loss based on your selection.

  • Last price
  • Bid/ask price
  • Opening price
  • Closing price
  • High price
  • Low price
  • Settlement price
  • Risk Algorithm

    Note: The P/L based on option can be set to Risk Algorithmas the default by yourTT User Setup administrator. If you cannot change P/L based on, an administrator may need to change this for you.

When Include Indicative Settle is enabled and the P/L based on setting is set to Settlement, X_TRADER uses the Indicative Settle (indicative settlement price) sent by the gateway from the Exchange to calculate how P&L is displayed in the Orders and Fills Window Summary Pane, Position Window Position Pane, and the Fill Window Position Pane.

When Include Indicative Settle is enabled and the Indicative Settle is not available, the Settle (settlement price) is used to calculate the displayed P&L.

When Include Indicative Settle is disabled (which it is by default), the display is calculated using the current P/L based on selection.


P/L displayDescription

P/L display

Displays position using the native currency, or the quantity multiplied by the price (default). The primary currency is annotated next to the Currency option (for example, Currency – USD).

  • Specific currency
  • Native currency by product
  • Quantity x Price
  • Ticks




Determines how your positions sort in the window. Refer to Position and Summary Pane Grouping.



Display spread/strategy positions

Displays the spread along with the spread legs into your position totals and P/L calculations. When disabled, only the spread legs are included.


Position WindowDescription
Grid linesLets you show or hide horizontal grid lines between rows in the bottom positions pane of the Fill window.

Position Window Columns

Lets you select the default visible columns for the top pane in the Position window.

Orders Pane Columns

Lets you select the default visible columns for the Orders Pane pane in the Position window.