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The Sounds tab sets audio notifications for specific events if your workstation is equipped with a sound card and speakers and the appropriate drivers are installed.



List the actions for which you can assign a sound.

  • Error: Plays when X_TRADER receives an error.
  • LClick/RClick: Plays when you left or right click.
  • Alert-Warning: Plays when you get a system alert or warning.
  • Exch Announce: Plays when the Audit Trail receives an exchange announcement.
  • Server Up/Down: Plays when the Fill or Order server comes up or goes down.
  • Startup: Plays when you start X_TRADER.
  • Shutdown: Plays when you close X_TRADER.


List the actions for which you can assign a sound.

  • Buy/Sell: Plays when you place a Buy or Sell order
  • Tradable RFQ: Plays when your request for quote receives a tradable price.
  • Indicative RFQ: Plays when your request for quote receives an indicative price.
  • Reject: Plays when your order is rejected.
  • Staged Order: Plays when a staged order becomes available in the Orders and Fills Window.
  • Order Change: Plays when the Order Change button is used in X_TRADER.
  • Cancel/Replace: Plays when the Cancel/Replace button is used in X_TRADER.
  • Triggered Order: Plays when an order has been triggered (e.g., If Touched).


List the actions for which you can assign a sound.

  • Full Fill Buy/Sell: Plays when your Buy or Sell order fully fills.
  • Partial Fill Buy/Sell: Plays when your Buy or Sell order partially fills.
  • Hedge Manager: Plays when the Autospreader Hedge Manager rule has triggered and the Notification is Sound.


Keep these points in mind when managing your sound files:

  • Copy sound files from another source (for example, WINNTMedia directory) to the <root drive>:ttx_traderSounds directory.
  • Keep sound files short in duration. Longer files cannot keep up with near simultaneous events.

For example, when performing a cross trade with sounds assigned to buy and sell events, the first sound is either cut off or unheard because the buy and sell events are closely timed.

Contract High and Low Sounds

You can add sounds for a contract's high and low price threshold for the day. Whenever a contract trades above the high price or below the lowest price, these sounds are played. Assign different sounds for the high and low on the same contract, as well as different sounds for different contracts.