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Time and Sales

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The Time and Sales tab sets properties for the Time and Sales window.


Accumulator interval (sec)Sets the time period for Time and Sales to collect trade data and display it as an aggregated report. When unchecked, individual trade quantities are displayed as they occur. When checked, time and sales trade data is collected and displayed as one accumulated value.

Highlight quantities >=

Sets the quantity at which time and sales row data is highlighted.

Header rowSets the visibility of a header row within the Time and Sales window.

Grid Lines

Displays the grid lines in the Time and Sales window when enabled.


Sets the font properties attributed to the Time and Sales window.



Retain history

Saves your time and sales data based on the following properties.

Maximum file size (MB)

Maximum file size allowed (before automatic purging). Default is 25MB.

Save Files (Days)

Number of days to save files (before automatic purging). Default is 3 days.


Restore DefaultsDescription

Restore Defaults

Sets all properties on the Time and Sales tab back to their default settings.