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Guides and Additional Materials

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In addition to this help system, TT offers the following materials to assist you in using X_TRADER:

Feature Guides



X_TRADER Learning Guides

The X_TRADER® Learning Guides provide tutorials for beginner , intermediate, and advanced X_TRADER® users.

Creating Custom Pricing Models

For users who wish to employ proprietary asset pricing models within X_TRADER by creating and installing Custom Pricing Models.

Creating Strategies Guide

Explains different types of strategies for multiple exchanges including CME, Eurex, NYSE Liffe and TSE.

X_TRADER Overview Guide

Gives a brief introduction to the various windows that are available in X_TRADER.

Trading BrokerTec

Explains unique BrokerTec functionality including Leave orders, the differences between Aggressive and Passive orders and illustrates the BrokerTec Workup matching algorithm.

Trading BVMF

Provides details on a number of BVMF-specific features including counterparty support, Auction/Pre-open orders and cross orders.

X_TRADER Version 7.x Install Guide Lists the minimum steps necessary to begin using X_TRADER.
Alert Manager Quick Reference Guide Describes Alerts Manager window functionality.
Migrating Autotrader Strategies to ADL Explains how to convert Autotrader strategies to ADL strategies.
Routing Rules Quick Reference Guide Shows how to create routing rules with pre-defined order portions and have X_TRADER split the order into multiple orders.
Saved Orders Parameters in X_TRADER Quick Reference Guide Describes Saved Orders functionality and shows how to create and load files with order details into the TT system.
TT SIM with X_TRADER Quick Reference Guide Explains how to configure and use TT SIM with X_TRADER to place orders, create customer markets, and test trading strategies.
X_TRADER Order Pane Quick Reference Guide Describes 7.17.x Order Pane functionality.
Create Strategies Quick Reference Guide Describes the 7.11.x Create Strategy window.
Fill Recapper User Manual Describes how use use Fill Recapper to manage fills, perform post-trade allocations, and export fills.