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Modifying Login Gateways

You are viewing X_TRADER Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

The markets and gateways you are currently logged into can be modified after the login process from the Login Gateway option in the Settings menu.

To Modify Login Gateways

  1. Select Login Gateway from the Settings menu.

  2. The Markets Selection dialog appears.

    Note: For a comprehensive list of available fields within the Market Selection dialog, see Login Gateway Field Descriptions.

  3. Click to select a market from the Markets column, the associated gateway(s) appear in the Gateways column.

    • A red box indicates the market or gateway is currently inactive.
    • A green box indicates the market or gateway is currently active.
  4. To enable or disable a market or gateway for use within X_TRADER, click to toggle between the following settings:

    • A check mark indicates the market or gateway is enabled for use within X_TRADER.
    • A empty box indicates that the market or gateway is disabled within X_TRADER.
    • A circle indicates that a market has some, but not all of the associated gateways enabled.

    Tip: To enable all available markets and gateways set the Select All box to a check mark .

    Note Locked markets and gateways display a lock icon to the left of the name. This indicates that these can only be changed when logging into X_TRADER, see Manage Login Gateways.

  5. Click Save.