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The Order Book Toolbar

You are viewing X_TRADER Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

The Order Toolbar, located directly below the Order Modification Pane, allows you to take a single action on one or more orders. For example, you may delete orders, change orders, place orders on hold, submit held orders to the market, etc. All toolbar buttons are configurable on the Settings | Properties | Orders tab. You may remove buttons completely, change their location, and customize the space between them.

The following table describes the functionality provided by the Order Toolbar buttons.

Field or Button Description

Deletes selected orders. Confirmation messages appear in the Audit Trail.

Displays the order details in a ticket format.

Removes an order (native or synthetic) from the market but stores it on the TT Gateway for later execution. Held orders are stored in short-term memory. If the Gateway Order Server process goes down, the held order information is lost. Until you click the Submit button the order remains held and out of the market.

Submits held orders to the exchange.

When you submit a held order, it receives a new order number. The Audit Trail indicates if a submit fails.

Sends an inquiry to the exchange for the status of an order. A message in the Audit Trail window confirms the order information.

Cancels and replaces your existing order and moves it one tick up or down in the market.

Opens the Floating Order Pane with a replica of the selected order. You can send the same order or alter it to your needs.

Deletes all visible orders, bids, or asks. Orders hidden due to filters are not deleted.

Takes ownership of Available staged orders that you would like to manage.

Users can change the trader identification on a selected parent or child working order using the Update User functionality. When the Update User button is selected, a request is sent to the TT Gateway to change the ID associated with the order. This updates the Monitoring Username field in the Orders and Fills Window and other client trading applications with the Username of the trader (monitoring user) claiming the order.

Accepts a Eurex wholesale EFP sell order and allows you to select a settlement institution (SI). Applies to EFP fixed income and equity index product sell orders only.

For Eurex EFP orders, this button is enabled when a sell order is selected in the Order Pane. Valid values in the dropdown list are:

  • BC -- Clearstream Banking Frankfurt
  • CD -- Clearstream Banking Luxemburg
  • EC -- Euroclear
  • SG -- Sega InterSettle
  • CS -- CLS Group
Used by the originator (e.g., Buy-Side execution desk) to pass a working order to a caretaker (e.g., Sell-Side support desk), and used by the caretaker to accept or reject a passed working order from the originator. For more details about order passing in X_TRADER, refer to Introduction to Order Passing .

Tip: Most of the buttons can be applied to more than one order at a time. When multiple orders are selected, and an action is taken that only applies to some of the selected orders, only the pertinent orders will be affected. For example, clicking the Pause button on multiple orders will only pause algo orders.