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Introduction to the Order Defaults

You are viewing X_TRADER Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

The Order Defaults window is used to define order templates. Order template functionality allows you to establish custom order variables at the market, product, and product type level. These variables include the type of order, maximum order sizes, time-in-force restrictions, additional order qualifiers and more. Configuring this information in the Order Defaults window allows you to automatically pre-load the trading window with the information relevant to the selected template. This saves time and ensures accuracy since there is no need to manually enter the information prior to executing a trade.

You can access the Order Defaults window from the X_TRADER Control PanelSettings menu | Order Defaults.

The Order Defaults window is show below. Each row is referred to as an Order Template. The first row is the <Default> order template and cannot be renamed or deleted. The Order Defaults window provides several pre-defined templates which you may edit. You may also create your own customized order templates.

Order Defaults Window

X_TRADER uses a matching algorithm to determine how to seed an order template in the trading window. Fields considered in the matching rules include Template, Product, Market, and Product Type. When these key values are matched, the corresponding order template seeds specific values in the trading window, similar to how a customer profile is seeded.