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Order Management Windows

You are viewing X_TRADER Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

Confidently manage and monitor all of your trading with X_TRADER components designed to simplify and consolidate all activity. Intuitive views provide a clear picture of your overall activity and exposure.

  • follow your orders in a single tabbed window with configurable views, as they change state from working to partially filled, fully filled, balanced, canceled, and deleted. Filter and sort on one or more fields, Modify orders, up-tick or down-tick orders with a single click or repeat working or filled orders. Aggregate fills by product or price and view total working buys and sells by product.
  • View positions, P/L, and working orders configured by account , exchange, product, and contract.Display aggregate overall activity or drill-down into a specific contract to view fill information. Set up groups to organize the information by account, product/contract, trader, or market.
  • Hover or click on an active order in a trading window to launch a floating order book containing all working orders. Quickly modify the price or quantity or cancel an order.
  • Create files with single or multiple order details, load them into X_TRADER and manually submit the orders into the market.
  • Track all order-related messages to and from the exchanges including fills, add/change/delete orders and order inquiries, View exchange announcements, gateway alerts, and error messages.