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Passing Back an Order and Viewing the Audit Trail

You are viewing X_TRADER Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

After managing the order during a trading session, use the Order Passing button to pass back the order. When it’s passed back, the working order is highlighted in the originator’s Order Book and the Caretaker column shows (caretaker username) indicating that the caretaker passed the order back to the originator. Also in the originator’s Order Book, the Pass State column shows Pending In.

Note: When orders are passed back to the originator, those orders are no longer visible in the caretaker’s Order Book. However, fills that occurred while the caretaker was monitoring those passed orders are retained in the caretaker’s fills pane.

In the Audit Trail, ALERT messages for all order passing actions (i.e., Pass, Accept, Reject and Undo) are logged for both the originator and the caretaker. The TT Order Key (or SOK) is also included as part of the log messages to help relate the passing messages with the normal ADD/FILL/Delete messages. Refer to the following example: