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Saved Orders MiFID II

To support MiFID II compliance, the MiFID II fields on working orders are saved as part of the Saved Order Parameters functionality in the Order Book and Orders and Fills Window (OFW). When saving orders to a CSV file, the MiFID II fields from Customer Defaults for the customer who submitted the order are added to the file.

For example, if you select a 5 lot order in the Order Book or OFW, right-click in the grid and select Save Order Parameters..., the MiFID II fields on the submitted order will be added to the saved CSV file.

When you right-click and select Load Saved Orders... to upload a CSV file to the Order Book, the saved order is placed on HOLD and the MiFID II fields in the file are included. When you submit the order, the MiFID II tags are sent to the exchange on the order and displayed in the Audit Trail.

For example, if the above CSV file with the 5 lot saved order parameters is uploaded to the Order Book and submitted, the MiFID II tags will be sent with the order.