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Using the Summary Pane Context Menu

You are viewing X_TRADER Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

Right-click the Summary pane to access the context menu.

The available menu options include:

  • Find Control Panel: Displays the Control Panel.
  • Hide Pane: Hides the selected row(s) or column(s).
  • Global Properties: Displays the X_TRADER Properties menu.
  • Grouping: Allows you to group positions by the following:
    • Account
    • Account Group
    • Broker (only available in a X_TRADER ASP environment)
    • Company
    • Contract
    • MGT
    • Market
    • Order GW
    • Source
    • User Display Name
  • P/L Display: Displays position using the native currency, a specific currency that you select, the quantity multiplied by the price (default), or based on ticks. The primary currency is annotated next to the Currency option (for example, Currency – USD).
  • P/L Based On: Recalculates your Profit and Loss based on your selection.
  • Copy: Places selected data on a clipboard for pasting into another program (e.g., Excel).
  • Hide Column: Hides the selected column.
  • Show/Hide Columns: Lets you select which columns to show.