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Reading the Quote Board

You are viewing X_TRADER Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

Each pane in Quote Board displays the following fields:

  • O: Opening price for the day.
  • H: High price for the day.
  • L: Low price for the day.
  • L: Last traded price for the day.
  • Delta (∆): Net change on the day.
  • V  (Hidden by default): Current traded volume for the day.
  • AP (Hidden by default): Most recent ask price.
  • AQ (Hidden by default): Most recent ask quantity.
  • BP (Hidden by default): Most recent bid price.
  • BQ (Hidden by default): Most recent bid quantity.
  • $: Your P/L for that contract based on the last traded price.
  • P: Your net position for the contract.

Quote Board uses the following indicators.:

  1. Top of the bar: Indicates the highest price of the day.
  2. Triangle: Indicates the opening price for the day relative to low and high prices.
  3. Middle of the bar: Indicates the last traded price.
  4. Bottom of the bar: Indicates the lowest price of the day.
  5. B: Indicates the current best bid is above the last traded price.
  6. Checkmark:Indicates a new settlement price is received which belongs to this session. The settlement value is shown. The checkmark is replaced by another icon with the next trade.
  7. Arrow: Indicates change between last two traded prices.
  8. A: Indicates the current best ask is below the last traded price.