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Using the Quote Board Context Menu

You are viewing X_TRADER Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

Right-click the Quote Board to access the context menu.

  • Find Control Panel: Displays the Control Panel.
  • Global Properties: Displays the X_TRADER Properties menu.
  • Floating Order Entry: Displays an Order Entry dialog box for any contract you click.
  • Floating Time and Sales: Displays Time and Sales for any contract you select.
  • MD Trader: Displays an MD Trader window for the contract you click.
  • Market Grid: Displays a Market Grid for the contract you click.
  • Autospreader: Displays the Autospreader Configuration window with legs assigned for every column selected in the Quote Board.
  • Autotrader: Displays Autotrader for the contract you click.
  • Chart: Opens an X_STUDY chart for the selected contract.
  • Send RFQ: Opens the Request For Quote dialog box for a specific contract and quantity.

    Note: When in multi-broker mode this option is disabled if a broker has not been selected.

  • Rename Contract: Lets you rename contracts in the Quote Board pane.
  • P/L Display: Opens a sub-menu to determine how the P/L field displays. Options include: Currency, Native Currency, Qty x Prc, and Ticks.
  • Clear: Removes the contract from the Quote Board.
  • Formatting: Lets you customize fonts and borders.
  • Show/Hide Rows: Lets you select which columns to show.