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Applying Routing Rules

You are viewing X_TRADER Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

You can apply routing rules to split a single order into multiple orders using the Routing Configuration dialog box. This dialog box is available from the Order Pane, MD Trader and the Order Bar. To invoke the Routing Configuration dialog box from the trading window, click the Routing field. You can also click the Browse button to the right of the Routing field in the Order Pane.


  • If you configure a routing rule named “<Default>”, this rule will be seeded in the Market Grid or MD Trader routing configuration dialog box. The “<Default>” rule can be used to set up a standard set of routing rules for your traders.
  • The Routing section will not display if there is only one available broker (X_TRADER ASP) or order gateway (Non-X_TRADER ASP) and no defined routing rules. Only the Customer section displays with a list of available customers.
  • Orders are rejected upon submission if a selected gateway is down. See the Audit Trail for additional information on rejected orders.

Tip: Quickly navigate the Routing Configuration dialog box with your keyboard by pressing the Tab key to set focus on the next field and the Tab+Shift keys to the previous field.

To Apply Routing Rules

  1. Define and enable the routing rule using the Routing Rules window.
  2. Seed the trading window with a contract.
  3. Set an order quantity and any other desired order parameters.
  4. Open the Routing Configuration dialog box.
  5. Select the desired routing rule.
  6. Click OK when you are finished configuring order routing parameters. A preview of the routing displays within the order pane

    Routing Preview - Order Pane