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Creating Routing Rules

You are viewing X_TRADER Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

Define a routing rule using the Routing Rules window to establish your most common routing scenarios by Broker and/or Customer. Once a rule has been created, validated, and enabled you can then apply it to an order, see Applying Routing Rules for more information.

Note: Brokers are defined in TT User Setup.Customer Defaults can be set by an administrator using TT User Setup. If you cannot change your Customer Defaults an administrator may need to make changes for you.

Tip: You can also copy an existing routing rule from the Routing Rules Context Menu.

To create a Routing Rule...

  1. From the Control Panel, click the Settings menu and choose Routing Rules.

    The Routing Rules window displays.

  2. In the next available row, type the name of the new rule in the Rule Name field.
  3. Click the Broker/Order GW field and select the Broker (X_TRADER ASP)/Order Gateway (non-X_TRADER ASP) to use for Order Portion 1.

    Note: The list of available Brokers/Order Gateways is set up by an administrator using TT User Setup.

  4. Click the Customer field and select the desired customer profile.
  5. Type the portion of the total order quantity that you would like to assign to the order portion in the Ratio field.
  6. Click the B/S field and select the type of order (i.e., Buy, Sell, or Both) to assign to the Broker/Customer.
  7. Define the remaining order portions. (Optional)

    Note: You can define up to ten order portions.

  8. When you are finished defining order portions, click the SEL check box to enable the rule for use within the Routing Rules dialog.

    X_TRADER validates the rule and, if successful, makes the rule available in trading windows.

    Note: Press Tab or ENTER to advance to the next field to save your changes.