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Routing Rules Overview

You are viewing X_TRADER Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

X_TRADER allows you to split a single order into multiple order portions across brokers or accounts. Use the Routing Rules window to create rules with pre-defined order portions.

You can access the Routing Rules window from the X_TRADER Control PanelSettings menu | Routing Rules.

The Routing Rules window is shown below. Each row in the grid is referred to as a single routing rule.

The following table describes the fields found in the Routing Rules window.

ColumnsDescriptionValid Values
Rule NameName of the routing rule configurationup to 32 ASCII characters

When checked, enables the routing rule so that it is available in trading windows (e.g., Order Pane, MD Trader, Order Bar)

Note: This field will be disabled until all fields in the routing rule are correctly populated.

Order Portion x

Defines the order portions

Note: By default, three (3) sections named Order Portion 1, Order Portion 2, and Order Portion 3 are available. You can define up to ten (10) order portions. Select Add Order Portion from the right-click context menu to add an order portion.

Broker (X_TRADER ASP) or Order GW (Non-X_TRADER ASP)

The Broker or Order Gateway to use for the order portion

Note: Brokers are defined in TT User Setup. The Broker column is not displayed in a non-X_TRADER ASP environment. The Order GW column is not displayed in a X_TRADER ASP environment.

<Blank>, available Brokers defined in TT User Setup (X_TRADER ASP, only), available order gateways (non-X_TRADER ASP)
CustomerCustomer Profile to use for the order portion defined in the Customer Defaults window (e.g., Order GW, Account Number, etc.)<Blank>,Customer Profile(s) set up in Customer Defaults, except for the <Default> customer

The portion of the total order quantity to assign to the order portion, calculated as a ratio based on the sum of all the order portion values for the rule

Note: This is not a percentage, but you can enter values that look like a percentage

<Blank> or positive integer from 1 to 999

The type of orders to assign to the order portion: Both, Buys, or Sells

  • Portions designated as Both display with a white background
  • Portions designated as Buys display with a blue background
  • Portions designated as Sells display with a red background
Both, Buys, Sells


Tip: By default, routing rules are stored in the ttdatfilesTTCONFIGRouting Rules folder. You can set another location using the Routing Rules section on the global properties Order Entry tab.

Note: X_TRADER creates a default Routing Rules file if the file is missing or appears to be corrupted. An error message is also written to the Audit Trail.