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Introduction to the Market Window

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Use the Market Window to place orders and view the current market.

You can access the Market Window from the X_TRADER Control Panel by selecting .

The Market window lets you monitor the current market and place orders for multiple instruments. The following panes compose the Market window:

  • Order Pane: The top half of the window. This is where you place your order. It contains the price, quantity, customer, and many order type fields.
  • Market Grid: The bottom half of the window. This is where you monitor and select real-time contract information for trading. Use tabbed Market Grids to display multiple grid panes in a single window.

Note: Some functionality in the Market Grid is protected by U.S. Patent Number 6,938,011.

Market Window

Tip: See the Synthetic Orders in X_TRADER topic in X_TRADER Online Help if you would like to explorer how to use the Market Window to enter synthetic orders in greater detail.