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Order Pane Context Menu

You are viewing X_TRADER Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

Right-click in the Order Pane to access the context menu.

  • Find Control Panel: Displays the Control Panel.
  • Global Properties: Launches the X_TRADER Properties menu.
  • Hide Order Entry Pane: Removes the Order Pane from the current grid.
  • Floating Depth on Hover:
  • Modifiers: When unchecked, removes the Modifiers section from the Order Pane.
  • Price Mode: When unchecked, removes the Price Mode section from the Order Pane.
  • Advanced Settings: When unchecked, removes the Advanced Settings section from the Order Pane.
  • Submit Time: When unchecked, removes the Submit Time section from the Order Pane.
  • Hide All Panes: Hides the Modifiers, Price Mode, Advanced Settings, and Submit Time panes.
  • Show All Panes: Display all Order Panes.
  • Save as Order Template: Opens the Order Defaults window so you can save your current order parameters as a reusable template.