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Submitting an Order using the Order Pane

You are viewing X_TRADER Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

To submit an order using the Order pane:

  1. Choose a customer account. This assumes you set up one or more Customer Default profiles.

Note: You can immediately trade with the <Default> profile. This profile assumes a GTD Limit order for an agent account. You can change the parameters. To create customized profiles so manual changes are not necessary.

  1. Click a bid or ask cell in the appropriate instrument row.

The price seeds in the Order Pane and the contract information immediately appears in the Order Summary field. The default options Market window displays the Calls on the left and the Puts on the right.

  1. Add or change any necessary information (e.g., quantity, price, order type, time in force).

Note: By default you are placing a Limit order. To place a Market order, click the Limit drop-down under the Order Template section. This grays the Price field.

  1. To execute, click Buy or Sell.