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Using TT Minimizer

You are viewing X_TRADER Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

TT Minimizer keeps a running list of every screen you open during your session. As screens are closed, they are removed from TT Minimizer. The size and position of the TT Minimizer can be changed and saved with your workspace.

When opened, TT Minimizer displays two buttons: Lock All and Minimize All. Use the buttons to display, minimize, or lock all TT windows in your workspace.

To minimize and restore all opened TT windows, click Minimize All. After the button is clicked, Restore All is displayed and highlighted in light blue in TT Minimizer. Click Restore All to display all open windows in your workspace again.

Using the context (right-click) menu in TT Minimizer, you can display a list of all open TT windows. From the list, you can then select individual windows to minimize.

To list and minimize windows...

  1. Right-click the Minimize All or Lock All button in TT Minimizer.
  2. Select List All Windows from the context menu.

    Buttons for all open TT windows are displayed in TT Minimizer.

  3. From the list, select a TT window button to minimize the corresponding window in your workspace.

    The selected button is highlighted in light blue to indicate the corresponding window is minimized. Click the highlighted button again to restore the minimized window.

To lock and unlock windows in your workspace, click Lock All or select Lock All Windows from the TT Minimizer context menu. When either option is selected...

  • None of the windows in your workspace can be deleted.
  • The Lock All button toggles to Unlock All and is highlighted in red.
  • A red bar is displayed next to buttons for all open TT windows in your workspace.

  • To unlock all windows in your workspace, click Unlock All or click Lock All Windows from the context menu to uncheck this option.