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BVMF Cross Trades

You are viewing X_TRADER Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

You can use the Wholesale Order window to make cross trades on BVMF when connected to a BVMF Gateway Version 7.17 or higher. For entering cross trades on earlier gateway versions, refer to Cross Orders.

Note: Cross trades on BVMF are considered OTC trades. Prices generated by the cross trades are not included in the central order book, and fills do not update the LTP in the book.�

Submitting BVMF Cross Trades

To submit a BVMF Cross Trade:

  1. Open the product you wish to trade in a Market Grid window.
  2. In the Market Grid, right-click the row containing the product and select Wholesale Orders from the context menu.

    Note: The Wholesale Orders options is grayed-out if:

    • Your administrator has not enabled wholesale trades in TT User Setup.
    • The product/exchange does not support wholesale trades.
  3. Select Cross in the Order Types pane and set the quantity and price for the trade.

    Note: the Quantity field is highlighted and in focus when the window is launched. Pressing the asterisk as a hotkey adds three zeros to the end of an order quantity.

  4. Complete the remaining fields for both sides of the trade as listed below:

BVMF Cross Trades





A drop-down list of available Customers.

Only customers selected in the X_TRADER Customer Defaults window appear in the Customer field list. This is an optional field.

When a customer selection is made, the Account Number field is populated with the customer’s account number.

Note: Any changes to customer defaults (e.g., select another customer) requires a relaunch of the Wholesale Order window to pick up the most recent changes.

Account Number

Desk or DMA account number.Required for cross trades. The account field is seeded with the account present in the Order Pane.

Account Type

A1 Client (Agency)

A2 House (Principle)

G1 Client (Agency); Giveup

G2 House (Principle); Giveup

Sets the type of account the trade will be submitted.




Sets whether the trade opens or closes a position.


Customer specific information

Sets the customer specific information.

Once the fields are complete, press the Send button.