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GMEX Wholesale Trades

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You can use the Wholesale Order window to submit Block Trades on GMEX for product’s that support Block trades at the exchange.

Submitting Wholesale Trades on GMEX

To submit a wholesale trade on GMEX:

  1. Open the product you wish to trade in a Market Grid window.
  2. In the Market Grid, right-click the row containing the product and select Wholesale Orders from the context menu.

    Note: The Wholesale Orders options are grayed-out if:

    • Your administrator has not enabled wholesale trades in TT User Setup.
    • The product/exchange does not support wholesale trades.
  3. Verify that Block is selected in the Order Types pane and set the quantity and price for the Block trade.
  4. Complete the exchange-specific fields as listed below.

The table below lists the common fields for submitting wholesale trades on GMEX.

Wholesale Trades on GMEX





A drop-down list of available Customers.

Only customers selected in the X_TRADER Customer Defaults window appear in the Customer field list.

When a customer selection is made, the Account Number field is populated with the customer’s TT account number.

Note: Any changes to customer defaults (e.g., select another customer) requires a relaunch of the Wholesale Order window to pick up the most recent changes.

Account Number

Free-form text up to 14 characters.

Sets the TT Customer Account Number assigned to the Buyer or Seller’s GMEX Gateway login in TT User Setup. An account number is required for Block trades, but is not sent to the exchange.

Account Type

A1-A9 (Agent)

G1 (Pre-designated Give-Up)

G2 (Designated Giveup)

P1-P2 (Proprietary)

M1-M2 (Market Maker)

Sets the type of account type and account code for the trade.

If set to Giveup (e.g., G2), you must populate the Giveup field with the take-up member ID.


Free-form text up to 14 characters

Optional, user-defined value. Not mandatory for order routing.


Free-form text up to 14 characters for account name

Enter the account number provided by the exchange. This is a required field and is sent to the exchange as FIX Tag 1.


Customer specific

Sets the firm name of the counterparty for each side of the trade. This is a required field.

Present Value

Numeric value with up to two decimal places (e.g., 23.25)

Sets the price of the contract in terms of Present Value. This is an optional field.

The following figure shows a GMEX Block trade using the common Wholesale Trade fields: