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Transferring Workspaces

You are viewing X_TRADER Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

X_TRADER allows users to transfer workspaces between workstations manually.

Note: The following instructions assume X_TRADER is already installed on the new workstation.

Warning: Only transfer workspaces and settings between workstations running the same version of X_TRADER. If your old workstation is running a different version of X_TRADER, it is recommended to collect log files and then upgrade the machine to the version X_TRADER that will be running on your new workstation.

To Collect Files on the Old Workstation

  1. Double-click the Guardian icon in the lower-right corner of the System Tray.
  2. From the Tools menu select Collect Logfiles. The files are compressed into a .zip file and saved to the <root drive>:ttlogfiles.
  3. Transfer this .zip file to the new X_TRADER workstation.

To Transfer your X_TRADER Workspace

  1. Extract the .zip file contents to the new desktop.
  2. Within the extraction folder, locate and open the tt folder.
  3. Open the datfiles folder and copy all files and folders. These are the workspaces that existed on the old workstation.
  4. Paste the copied contents within the <root drive>:ttdatfiles folder.
  5. Within the <root drive>:ttlogfiles folder create a copy of the tt_current_user_reg.txt file.
  6. Rename the file to tt_current_user.reg. Confirm that you want to change the file extension.
  7. Double-click the tt_current_user.reg file to apply the settings from your old X_TRADER workstation to your new X_TRADER workstation. You will be asked if you are sure you want to add the information.
  8. Click Yes. The settings are applied to your registry.
  9. Reboot your new X_TRADER workstation.