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TT’s Autospreader, which incorporates the patented MD Trader interface, is the most powerful tool for spread traders. Autospreader is one of several automated trading applications built into TT’s X_TRADER Pro. It helps create, manage, and execute inter-product and cross-exchange spread trading strategies. Autospreader’s multi-legged functionality lets you easily generate multiple spreads with up to ten legs and simultaneously quote up to three legs. You can access Autospreader from the X_TRADER Control Panel by selecting the (Autospreader) button.


Autospreader consists of multiple MD Trader windows and is designed to facilitate the automatic trading of calendar and inter-product spreads.You define the legs of the spread, the relationships, and parameters between them. Then, Autospreader displays the implied market for the spread based on the outright legs. You enter orders in the spread pane and Autospreader works the legs to achieve the spread setting parameters.

Autospreader Example

Because the panes of Autospreader are MD Trader windows, most MD Trader functionality is available for each Autospreader pane. Refer to Autospreader and MD Trader Overview for exceptions.

Note: When trading spreads in simulation mode certain restrictions apply, refer to Trading in Simulation Mode.