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Market Window

You are viewing X_TRADER Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

Use the Market Window to place orders and view the current market.

You can access the Market Window from the X_TRADER Control Panel by selecting .

The Market window lets you monitor the current market and place orders for multiple instruments. The following panes compose the Market window:

  • Order Pane: The top half of the window. This is where you place your order. It contains the price, quantity, customer, and many order type fields.
  • Market Grid: The bottom half of the window. This is where you monitor and select real-time contract information for trading. Use tabbed Market Grids to display multiple grid panes in a single window.
  • Note: Some functionality in the Market Grid is protected by U.S. Patent Number 6,938,011.

    Market Window

    Tip: See the Synthetic Orders in X_TRADER topic in X_TRADER Online Help if you would like to explorer how to use the Market Window to enter synthetic orders in greater detail.

    Order Pane

    The Order Pane (top pane) supports order template functionality, allowing you to pre-load the Order Pane with custom trading parameters and place native and synthetic orders quickly and efficiently. You may optionally detach the Order Pane from the Market Window for use as a floating order entry window.

    Market Window Order Pane

    Synthetic order functionality is only available while logged into X_TRADER and a Synthetic Strategy Engine (Synthetic SE) server. See the Synthetic Orders in X_TRADER topic in X_TRADER Online Help for additional details about how TT supports synthetic order functionality.

    TT designed order entry with Brokers in mind so they can quickly and confidently buy or sell. When Broker Mode is enabled on the Settings | Properties | Trading tab, the Order Pane background identifies whether the configured order is a Buy (Blue) or Sell (Red). The size of the Buy/Sell button changes with a larger Buy button for a Buy ticket and a larger Sell button for a Sell ticket. These order entry styles will allow you to confidently buy or sell only when the corresponding Buy or Sell button is clicked in the Order Pane.

    An optional safety Confirm feature is available which prompts you to confirm the desired action before sending the order to the market. The background color of the Confirmation window indicates whether the configured order is a Buy (Blue) or Sell (Red).

    Market Grid

    Market Grid (bottom pane) displays real-time market information for the selected products. You can show/highlight working orders and customize this pane using the “Show/Hide Columns” feature in the right-click context menu. Additionally, you can right-click a contract to quickly launch the contract in another trading window, including MD Trader and X_STUDY charts.

    Market Grid Pane