University Program

TT helps universities around the world bring the global derivatives markets to the classroom through software donations and training—for free

Through its unique university program, TT provides real-world tools that enable marketplace application of textbook theories, adding value to today's university classroom.

By providing universities with software donations plus professional training and expertise, TT assists schools as they prepare their students for careers in the capital markets. Students can use TT's products and progressive technologies, free of charge, as they study and learn.

All program participants have TT's X_TRADER® software enabled on campus. Professionals from TT train university faculty, staff, students and other personnel regarding TT software deployment and help each school fully leverage the software.

Participating universities can leverage TT's products and on-campus training in a range of undergraduate and graduate academic programs including finance, financial engineering, economics, business, computer science and engineering. TT's software can be applied in many ways; for example, to:

  • Demonstrate electronic markets during classes
  • Create a simulated trading environment in an on-campus trading lab where students can become familiar with the mechanics of electronic trading using recorded price data
  • Enable financial engineering applications, such as "black box" development
  • Serve as a platform to develop computer science applications with the X_TRADER API

For more information on TT's university program please submit an inquiry here.