Coming March 2018

Trade cryptocurrencies through Coinbase's GDAX on TT®

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Professional Traders1

including institutional, proprietary, hedge fund and other full-time traders

Crypto-Only Traders2

who are interested in trading only GDAX through TT

Digital Currencies

Trade Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin cryptocurrencies through GDAX on the TT platform.


Enter and manage trades manually, or use our extensive suite of automated tools to execute strategies any time, anywhere.


Use the same award-winning platform as the world’s most discriminating professional traders to get an edge in the crypto markets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GDAX?

Tailored specifically to the needs of institutional investors and professional traders, Coinbase’s Global Digital Asset Exchange (GDAX) is recognized as one of the world’s most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges. Coinbase is regulated under the New York Department of Financial Services BitLicense as well as 30+ state money transfer regimes. Through the GDAX platform, investors can trade Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Who can trade on GDAX?

GDAX operates in the U.S., Europe (including the UK) and Canada. Wyoming, Hawaii and Minnesota are not yet supported in the U.S. See a list of supported European countries here.

Why trade cryptocurrencies on GDAX through the TT platform?

Backed by nearly 25 years of business, we are leading the global professional trading community into the world of crypto trading. Users will be able to trade the GDAX cryptocurrency spot market alongside listed derivatives directly from a TT screen and utilize our industry-leading trading applications, including MD Trader®, Autospreader®, ADL® and more, to gain an edge in the crypto market.

When will GDAX be accessible on the TT platform?

GDAX will be available on the TT platform beginning in March. In order to start trading GDAX in March, TT users should visit to sign up for an account.

Will GDAX be available on TT and X_TRADER®?

GDAX will only be available on the TT platform.

What widgets/tools on the TT platform will be available for trading cryptocurrencies?

All of TT’s market-leading widgets, including the industry-standard MD Trader, Autospreader and ADL, along with advanced functionality for spread trading, automated trading, and charting and analytics, will be available for trading cryptocurrencies on the TT platform. Users will be able to access and trade cryptocurrencies from virtually any device—workstation, laptop or phone—via a browser, the downloadable TT Desktop application, or TT Mobile for Android and iOS phones.

Why did Trading Technologies partner with Coinbase?

We pioneered electronic futures trading back in the 1990s and played a pivotal role in facilitating the shift of futures trading from the pits to the screen. Now, we’re moving to make a similar impact on the cryptocurrency trading markets by partnering with Coinbase's GDAX to provide professional cryptocurrency trading functionality and market access to the institutional trading world via our TT platform.

We are the first independent software vendor (ISV) to bridge the cryptocurrency markets with the futures markets, providing our customers with the ability to trade both spot and derivative markets side by side.

How do I start trading GDAX on TT?

For more information on how to access GDAX through the TT platform, contact your TT sales representative or submit your email address above.

1 TT will begin providing professional traders with access to GDAX in March. A TT representative will contact you to discuss onboarding.

2 GDAX access to crypto-only traders will be available through TT later in 2018. You will receive details via email when they become available.