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Find out which API is right for your development needs.


Ideal for developing the majority of your custom applications, including low-latency automated trading systems, trade capture and reporting software, and custom analytics.

FIX Adapter

Integrate and expand third-party systems and custom applications with the X_TRADER platform using the industry-standard Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol.

TT User Setup API

Create stand-alone applications or applications that integrate with your proprietary risk management systems.


Build programs that extend X_TRADER's performance, including custom order routing, analytics and execution management applications. In maintenance mode.

Project TT API FIX Adapter TT User Setup API X_TRADER API
Build low-latency order applications      
Create automated trading applications    
Co-locate automated trading applications    
Add custom trading windows to X_TRADER    
Add custom analytics to X_TRADER    
Record non-FIX trade execution    
Define and submit custom Autospreader SE orders      
Define and submit custom Synthetic SE orders      
Build multi-threaded applications      
Create back office/drop copy FIX applications      
Integrate into FIX OMS systems      
Define and submit staged ("Care") orders      
Turn off trading per account, account group, or user (kill switch)    
Obtain current risk limit configurations and be alerted to updates      
Configure risk limits      
Update product margin values      
Update currency exchange rates