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Developer Environment

The Developer Environment is for API developers creating applications that interact with the X_TRADER platform. It’s the place to:

  • Build your application.
  • Test your application against real exchange certification environments.
  • Complete TT’s conformance testing process prior to production.

However, it is NOT a place to give application demos to potential clients, do stress testing of your application, test algorithmic strategies with your application or test X_TRADER or its components. For more information on the use of this environment, see below for TT’s Developer Environment Policies.

To access the Developer Environment and begin developing your application:

  1. Create a Developer Environment Service Request. (If you do not already have a login, you will first be prompted to create one.)
  2. Complete all of the details of the Service Request.
  3. Click Submit to submit your service request.

Note: TT recommends when working with the TT User Setup API to install a local version of the TT User Setup Client, Server, and API so you can develop and test your applications outside of any production trading environments. Your TAM can assist you with this setup. Additionally, the Developer Environment can be leveraged for doing some development against the TT User Setup API. For more information on this, please open an incident with Developer Support.

Developer Environment Policies
  • Once a completed FIX, TT API, or X_TRADER API questionnaire is received by Developer Support, the connection details to the environment will be furnished to users within two business days.
  • All sections of the questionnaires must be fully completed, including stating the basic architecture of your system. We reserve the right to deny access into the simulation environment if answers to any questions are omitted.
  • Trading IDs will expire within 90 days. An extension can be requested by submitting an incident.
  • A maximum of two FIX Sessions, two TT API setups, and two X_TRADER API setups are granted to each user if needed. Additional sessions and setups require authorization from an API Integration Manager.
  • A daily maintenance window in the environment has been established for software upgrades between 4 – 5 PM CST. Only the latest versions of TT software are supported in the environment.
  • The Exchange Simulation Gateways are controlled by the respective exchanges themselves. A Customer Advisory will be sent out by Developer Support when a gateway interruption is expected.
  • TT User Setup is being used in the environment to create Universal Login IDs. Member, Group, Trader ID Logins are not allowed in the environment for X_TRADER API users.
  • Change requests for FIX Sessions or TT API and X_TRADER API setups will be completed within two business days. A change request can be submitted by submitting an incident.
  • The Trading Technologies Development Environment has been established only for FIX Adapter, TT API, and X_TRADER API users who are developing or enhancing a client application.
  • The following activities are not permissible in the environment and could lead to the suspension and/or termination of your testing access:
    • Application Demos: Users are not allowed to use the environment to demo a finished product to potential clients.
    • Stress Testing: Large volume or high frequency trades should not be placed in the environment.
    • Algorithmic Testing: Out of the box or plug and play algorithmic strategies should not be tested in the environment.
    • TRADER Testing: Creation and testing of Autospreader and Autotrader strategies are not allowed.