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NASDAQ OMX EU Documentation

Support for Open, Close and Settlement Prices


The exchange forwards a single, daily settlement price for each product.

Publishing Settlement Prices

NASDAQ_OMX_EU Gateways populate settlement prices received during intraday trading to the IndSettle column. This value is forward to the Settle column when the contract moves into the Closed state.

To receive settlement prices for Nordic products, the gateway must be able to access the exchange’s FTP site via the exchange’s File Delivery Service (FDS). Users configure this in the hostinfo.cfg file using the FDSUsername and FDSPassword.

For firms with firewall configurations that prohibit external access, users may optionally populate the firm’s proxy server’s IP address using the FDSProxy parameter in the hostinfo.cfg file.

Configuring Start of Day Records

The change in settlement price handling allows users to utilize the Auto-Calculate-SOD functionality in the Aconfig Utility to publish start of day records.

For a description of this functionality, refer to the TT Gateway System Administration Manual.