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X_TRADER Pro and the TT Algo Strategy Engine (Algo SE server) provide an interactive way of creating custom trading algos and automated strategies. Using drag-and-drop building blocks of ADL, you can quickly design, test, and deploy automated futures and options trading programs without writing a single line of code.

ADL provides a Workup State block that compares the current market state of a specified BrokerTec instrument against the user-selected market states (selected by double-clicking the block). If the states match the True/False condition will be TRUE, otherwise the will be FALSE.

Note:Workup State block allows you to select multiple states as several BrokerTec states can occur concurrently. For example, the "Private Workup" state may be combined with "Hit" state or "Take" state.

For additional information about the Workup State block, see Workup State block Help.