Case Studies

TT CampusConnect® enhances learning. Want to know how? Read on.

University of London: King’s College London and Queen Mary University of London

The Finance Trading Programme (FTP) (Postgraduate level and Undergraduate) Queen Mary University of London, University of London; The Finance Trading Programme (FTP) (Postgraduate level) King’s College London, University of London.

The Need

Dr. David Norman, a visiting professor and the director of the Finance Trading Programme at the University of London, has a long-standing relationship with Trading Technologies. He began incorporating TT software into his classroom curriculum during his time as a professor at Illinois Institute of Technology (Illinois Tech), a TT CampusConnect partner since 2002.

When he moved from Chicago to London in 2004 to teach at the University of London, Dr. Norman wanted to replicate the lessons he was teaching at Illinois Tech. He wanted to give his students practical trading experience through the use of real-world trading software and real market data. Having already worked with Dr. Norman at Illinois Tech, TT was eager to help.

The Engagement with TT

Implementing TT software in the University of London’s classrooms at King’s College London and Queen Mary University of London was an ideal opportunity for TT. In Dr. Norman’s classes, students must become intimately familiar with the platform because it’s used as more than just a supplemental learning tool—final grades actually depend in part on how well they’ve mastered the software.

In his courses, Dr. Norman brings his students as close to the futures industry as possible by using TT software as a foundational tool to his teachings. First, students learn how to conduct basic point-and-click trading using the MD Trader® ladder. Next, they are introduced to TT’s Autospreader® to learn spread trading mechanics and concepts including spread ratios and spread pricing. Finally, students learn how to craft their own automated trading strategies using ADL®, a visual programming language that makes it easy for programmers and non-programmers alike to design and deploy algorithms through intuitive pre-coded blocks. Students drag, drop and connect the blocks that ADL converts to well-tested code. In this manner, virtually any student can create and automate a trading strategy without writing a line of code.

Dr. Norman also uses the platform’s charting and analytics tools to teach students how to chart patterns, use momentum indicators and understand trading ranges. Learning these combined skills helps students visualize how historical prices can assist in informing trading decisions.

Additionally, the software allows Dr. Norman to easily analyze students’ performance by tracking individual audit trails. The TT Audit Trail displays all order- and fill-related information, including order submissions, cancellations and fills. Using the Audit Trail, Dr. Norman can easily evaluate each student’s trading decisions and better measure their overall performance.

The Result

By incorporating TT software in course instruction, Dr. Norman is able to immerse his students in a realistic trading environment without leaving the classroom and without the pressure of trading real money. Use of the TT software also gives students the opportunity to learn professional trading mechanics, and gain a working theoretical knowledge and practical understanding of the financial markets. The integration of hands-on experience with actual exchange commodities and real market prices allows students to take all that they’ve read about, heard about and learned about and bring that information to life.

In the end, students are equipped with the education and experience necessary to make a smooth transition from the classroom to the trading room. As Dr. Norman explained, “X_TRADER has been an integral part of the financial markets education for the Finance Trading Programme (FTP) for several years. Hundreds of students have learnt how to trade using it, and many have gone on to advance their knowledge in the industry. X_TRADER is a wonderful trading and order management tool, among other things, and has many technical innovations that improve students’ understanding of trading and financial markets.”