Trade commodities, equity indices and derivatives, interest rates and FX futures along with equities in Brazil, South America’s largest economy.


Strong TT Presence

We were one of the first ISVs to invest heavily in colocated infrastructure at B3 and remain well ahead of our competitors, with 12+ years of experience in the Brazilian market.

Browser-based Solution Ideal for Mobility

The TT platform allows traders to trade from anywhere with an internet connection and includes optional phone apps that sync with our browser-based solution.

Hedge Against International Commodities

Brazil is geographically distanced from crops in the rest of the world, making it an ideal hedge against weather and catastrophic events that might impact food production interruptions.

Natural Spread vs. U.S. Commodities

Brazil competes with the U.S. in marketing grains, meats and soft commodities.

Gateway to China Commodities

China is a major buyer of Brazilian commodities, and as China markets continue to open, there will be tremendous spreading opportunities in agricultural products between the U.S., Brazil and China.

Strengthening Economy

Brazil has elevated its global presence over the last several years, leading to highly tradable and volatile equity and interest rates markets.

  • Maintain a global view of the markets with access to South America.
  • Brazil’s heavy focus on increasing trade and competition is opening the door for international investors and traders.
  • GDP showed considerable growth in Q1 2021, and Brazil should benefit from a rebound in commodity prices.
  • Interest rates increased considerably in 2020 and Q1/Q2 2021, an indication of the strengthening economy.
  • The Brazilian Real has weakened considerably over the last few years and will provide tremendous opportunities should it revert back toward its mean.
  • Brazil's global leadership in agriculture and mining makes the global economy increasingly reliant on Brazilian commodities.

Trading Opportunities

  • Use TT to trade Mini Ibovespa Index futures, one of the five highest-volume futures contracts in the world.
  • Trade Mini U.S. Dollar futures, one of the ten highest volume futures contracts in the world.
  • Leverage TT’s toolset to trade DI (Interest Rates Futures), which is one of the most active and liquid interest rates products in the world. Traded in yield across a long series of expressions, DI futures provide an excellent opportunity for yield curve and spread trading.
  • Use B3 futures on corn, soybeans, coffee and live cattle to diversify agricultural trading.
  • Take advantage of the Aggregator widget to trade regular-sized and mini contracts in products like Ibovespa and USDBRL FX futures and execute at the best available price.
  • Gain exposure and trade individual companies and their derivatives in the Bovespa Segment.
  • Use TT to leverage B3’s exchange-specific functionality, including the display of counterparty information, two-sided cross orders, cross trades, hotkeys, settlement values EUnit Prices for interests rate products and P/L for the DI1 interest rate product calculated in Unit Prices (PU), and the display of resting market orders, indicative price and quantity.
  • Get B3 Auction and Pre-Open data analytics with TT, including the display of imbalance quantities.
  • Leverage TT’s Exchange News widget to monitor news messages sent by the exchange on the B3 price feed.

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