Market Data

Power charts and trades with the speed and reliability of real-time market data for futures, options, cryptocurrencies and more, direct from the exchange.



View and consume market data for more than 40 exchanges and execution venues around the world.


Access reliable tick data for all major futures and fixed income markets.

Bloomberg Symbology Support

Set the Bloomberg symbol to display as primary in the workspace, with the exchange symbol as secondary.


Connect FIX applications seamlessly using FIX market data.


Use packet capture encoded data for the ultimate in flexibility.

  • Easily develop custom API applications with market data that is normalized across exchanges.
  • Achieve low-latency execution with colocated servers consuming non-coalesced market data.
  • Take advantage of derived data, including advanced options analytics and implied market data.
  • Avoid the hassle of market data subscriptions with TT as the vendor of record.