Global Network

Trade futures, options, cryptocurrencies and more through a global network made for maximum uptime.

Financial Ecosystem

Execute your orders through our secure, high-speed, highly available global network of colocated data centers.
Global network

Data centers in Europe, Asia and the Americas are interconnected with ultra low latency paths.

Market access

TT software is deployed on state-of-the-art servers in colocated and proximity-based data centers connecting you directly to exchanges around the world.


Choose between Internet, extranet private lines and direct connect for your preference of connectivity to the TT network.

High availability

All aspects of our offering—access points, network backbone, exchange access, software, hardware and data centers—are designed with redundancy, failover and disaster recovery.


Autospreader, Algo and FIX servers are deployed in colocated data centers for superior automated trading performance.


Automated tools monitor the health, performance and capacity of the global network and application services to provide end users with the most optimal experience.

  • Data centers are connected via multiple paths provided by separate providers to protect against Telco outages.
  • TT connects to every exchange from both a primary and secondary data center.
  • TT applications support clustering for hot failover.
  • Inter-regional data centers are leveraged for disaster recovery.
  • Real time order book and audit trail maintained in cloud infrastructure with user account information and other latency insensitive information.
  • TT Status page provides customers with complete, real-time status of all TT services.

Blazing Fast Market Access