Trade Chinese markets alongside products on the world’s other leading futures exchanges.


Massive Consumer of Commodities

With the world’s largest population, China’s demand for energy, industrial and agricultural commodities powers a large and active trading community that will continue to grow.

International Derivative Contracts

The China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) has authorized trading of designated products outside the People’s Republic of China (PROC).

Established Futures Products

The available products are well-established contracts with substantial liquidity, volume and open interest.

New Trading Opportunties

Access to new markets provides traders with a competitive advantage and creates new opportunities for speculators, scalpers, spread traders and arbitrage traders.

Favorable Market Demographics

China’s financial markets, comprised of 70% retail traders and virtually no high-frequency trading (HFT), offer higher volatility and more opportunities for professional traders.

New Products Coming Soon

It’s expected that Chinese regulators will continue to relax restrictions and introduce additional international products over time. All of these products will be available for trading on TT.

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  • Visualize market ebb and flow and quickly trade with MD Trader®, the industry-standard static price ladder with single-action order entry.
  • Create and automatically execute synthetic spreads with Autospreader®, the fastest commercially available spread trading tool.
  • Analyze the markets with integrated charts and access to historical data.
  • Optimize trade executions using TT Order Types plus third-party and broker algos.
  • Use ADL®, TT’s visual programming interface consisting of drag-and-drop building blocks, to quickly develop and test automated trading strategies.

Trading Opportunities

INE Medium Sour Crude Oil
  • The primary type of crude oil imported by China and all of APAC
  • Primed to be the APAC benchmark vs. WTI in the U.S., Brent in Europe and Dubai crude
  • Spreading opportunities with crude oil products at CME, ICE, TOCOM and DGCX
DCE Iron Ore
  • China is the world’s largest importer of iron ore and producer of steel
  • Spreading opportunities with SGX Iron Ore as well as steel and steel scrap products at LME and CME
ZCE Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA)
  • Main component in polyester products of which China is the world’s largest producer
  • A crude oil derivative, making it highly spreadable vs. global crude oil futures contracts
INE TSR 20 Rubber
  • China is the world’s largest importer and consumer of rubber
  • Spreading opportunities against rubber contracts on SGX and TOCOM
INE Low Sulphur Fuel Oil
  • Spreading opportunities with ICE Gasoil
  • Used as a price benchmark in international trade
  • A 2020 regulatory change pushed global shipping to use Low Sulphur Fuel Oil rather than High Sulphur Fuel Oil
DCE Palm Olein
  • Spreading opportunity with BMD (CME) Palm Oil, CBOT Soyoil and other edible oil products
  • Strong seasonality trends
  • India and China are the two largest importers of palm oil

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