TT® Premium Services

Use dedicated infrastructure and purpose-built software for maximum performance of the TT trading platform.


TT® Reserved

Designate the TT components to run on your private infrastructure in colocated data centers.
Order Routing

Hardware is dedicated to your exchange credentials for order routing.


Machine resources are used exclusively for executing your synthetic spreads.

Algo Server

Run ADL® algos on hardware that is exclusive to you.


Connect your FIX client application to a dedicated FIX engine.

Risk Checking

Use a dedicated risk checking server for more predictable order latency.

Edge Server

Get unlimited price subscriptions for use with your TT .NET SDK applications.


TT® Prime

Maximize spread trading performance with a custom-built Autospreader deployed on dedicated or shared colocated infrastructure.

Order routing and spread logic are combined into a single process, eliminating interprocess communication and reducing network latency.


TT Prime is deployed on a single TT Reserved instance in your choice of colocated data centers to minimize network latency.


A shared offering of TT Prime is available to users across multiple firms as a more cost-effective alternative.