TT® Learning

Maximize your use of the TT platform with comprehensive yet easy-to-follow learning pathways.

TT Learning and Accreditation

Enhance and showcase your expertise with TT Learning courses and TT Accreditation.
Systematic pathway

Follow a structured journey to enhance your platform proficiency. Learn through curated training videos, reading material and spot quizzes tracking your progress

Official recognition

Showcase achievements to senior management, employers, compliance teams, and regulatory entities. Receive a certificate upon passing to demonstrate your achievement.

Crucial skills

Empower your trading by mastering the complexities of all TT offerings. Take online assessments to evaluate your assimilation of key messages

Competitive edge

Refine trading strategies and position yourself for success in dynamic financial markets.

Continuous growth

Propel success by embracing new challenges and advancing your capabilities.


Join a distinguished community of accredited users who have harnessed the full power of TT’s trading tools.

Choose individual courses or an entire path bundle
  • TT Learning courses - FREE
  • TT Accreditation
    (assessments and certifications only)
    • Individual modules - $300 (per module)
    • Trader bundle - $1000 (for 4 modules)
    • Administrator bundle - $500 (for 2 modules)

Learning Paths

Master individual learning modules with self-guided videos and earn accreditation by taking individual courses or the full bundle.

Gain a deeper understanding of the platform’s features and functionalities.


Trade Execution

Master trade execution with this comprehensive introductory course.


Trade Execution Accreditation

Confirm your foundation knowledge of trade execution.



Execution Tools

Discover advanced tools for trading mastery.


Execution Tools Accreditation

Demonstrate mastery of advanced trading tools.



Quantitative Trading Solutions

Enhance execution with sophisticated algorithms, impactful trades and versatile strategies.


QTS Accreditation

Prove your facility with with sophisticated algorithms, impactful trades and versatile strategies.


Automated Tools

Empower your trading with TT’s Automated Tools.


Automated Tools Accreditation

Demonstrate mastery of advanced automation tools.


Accreditation Bundle

Trader Path Accreditation Bundle

Confirm foundational knowledge, master advanced trading and automated tools to demonstrate proficiency in versatile strategies.


Develop expertise in managing user accounts and permissions effectively.



Learn efficient trade setup, control and navigation.


Setup Accreditation

Demonstrate efficient trade setup, control and navigation.



TT Compliance

Leverage robust, integrated compliance solutions.


TT Compliance Accreditation

Demonstrate how to leverage robust, integrated compliance solutions.


Accreditation Bundle

Administrator Path Accreditation Bundle

Showcase efficient trade setup and management expertise, and exhibit mastery in integrated compliance solutions.


Training Tickets

Quickly and easily create a ticket for help with TT Learning.

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