Robust solutions for professional oil, gas and power traders.


Oil and Refined Products

Trade physically delivered and cash-settled crude oil and refined products, including WTI, Brent, gasoline, heating oil and gas oil.

Natural Gas

Trade physically delivered and cash-settled North American and European natural gas derivatives, including basis and strips.


Trade North American, European and Australian power derivatives, including daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and calendar contracts for peak, off-peak and baseload power.

Emissions, Coal and Freight

With increasing central limit order book (CLOB) trading, use TT to view and trade these products, which are complementary to oil, gas and electricity.


Buy-side energy traders at CTAs, hedge funds and proprietary trading firms utilize TT's suite of tools to analyze the markets and improve trade executions.


Voice, OTC and executing brokers alike can leverage TT for analysis, pricing, electronic execution and OTC reporting.

Commercial Hedgers

Whether a producer, utility, marketer or merchant, manage your company's energy exposure using TT.

Risk Managers

View and manage energy risk in terms of contracts or flow.

Compliance Officers

Streamline reporting, confirmation and reconciliation by integrating your ETRM software using FIX Services.

  • Trade intraday power on EPEX SPOT alongside listed derivatives.
  • Automatically hedge spot trades with power and gas futures using Autospreader® and Spread Matrix.
  • Aggregate crude oil across multiple exchanges for deeper liquidity, best price and lower fees.
  • View the Brent complex in Spread Matrix and quickly execute outrights and calendar spreads.
  • Create synthetic crack spreads, analyze using Charts and execute with Autospreader.
  • Add Japanese yen as a leg in Autospreader for a currency-adjusted spread between TOCOM crude and Brent crude.
  • View the complete curve for crack spreads, heat spreads, heat rates and other inter-product spreads using the Spread Matrix.
  • Trade spark and dark spreads with Autospreader.
  • Use RTD to price out synthetic gas strips and execute using Autospreader or ADL®.
  • Trade OTC basis products on ICE.
  • Create options strategies and block OTC energy trades using Blocktrader.
  • Make markets in SGX electricity futures using Autotrader and ADL.
  • Aggregate emissions and Scandinavian and European power across ICE, Nasdaq and EEX.

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