Fixed Income

Powerful solutions for interest rate traders.


Tools to empower commercial, bank and buy-side traders.


Trade interest rate futures, spreads, options and swaps on CME, Eris, ICE, MX, B3, Eurex, MEFF, ASX, HKEX, OSE, SGX and TFX.

Yield Curve Traders

Trade the relationships between products from the short end to the long end of the yield curve as factors cause the curve to steepen or flatten.

Sovereign Debt

Trade short, middle and long term sovereign debt futures and options on U.S., Canadian, UK, German, Japanese, Australian notes and bonds.

Basis Traders

Trade the relationships between U.S. Treasury futures and the underlying cash securities.

U.S. Treasuries

Trade on-the-run U.S. Treasury notes and bonds on BrokerTec, Nasdaq Fixed Income (formerly eSpeed), Fenics and BondPoint venues.


Voice, OTC and executing brokers alike can leverage the TT platform for analysis, pricing, electronic execution and OTC reporting.


Trade Eurodollar, Fed Funds, Euribor, Short Sterling, Euroyen, 90-day Bank Bills and other short-term interest rate derivatives on various exchanges.

Hedge Funds

Use interest rate derivatives in multiple trading strategies to leverage investor returns.


Discover more fixed income trading opportunities with access to Interest Rate Swap (IRS) futures on Eris Exchange.


Manage interest rate risk with access to a wide range of global fixed income derivatives.

With TT®, you can:

  • View relative price moves across the curve with the static price ladders of multiple MD Trader windows.
  • Trade the relationships between the short-end and long-end of the yield curve by creating synthetic duration-weighted spreads in Autospreader.
  • Aggregate U.S. Treasuries across multiple trading venues for easy access to best price, deeper liquidity and lower fees.
  • View Short Term Interest Rate (STIR) futures in Spread Matrix to view and quickly trade outrights and calendar spreads.
  • Add a currency future to Autospreader to convert the price of one instrument to another currency in real-time.
  • Use X_TRADER to convert fixed income prices to yield, display in MD Trader and X_STUDY, and trade with Autospreader, Autotrader and ADL.


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