The complete solution for trading and hedging commodity futures and options.



Access global markets for grains, oilseeds, livestock, meats, dairy, softs and other agricultural commodities.


Trade crude oil, refined products, natural gas, power, emissions and more energy commodities around the globe.


Trade precious metals, such as gold and silver, as well as industrial metals, including copper, aluminum and zinc, on the world’s leading commodities exchanges.

Producers and Consumers

If you're a farmer, miner or energy producer or a consumer of any of their products, you can easily hedge your business risk by locking in prices for future delivery.

Buy Side

Enhance your investment returns by capturing market opportunities in a variety of global commodity markets.

Commodity Trading Firms

Hedge price exposure inherent in physical arbitrage as you facilitate business between producers and consumers.

  • View prices and trade through multiple brokers with a single front-end screen.
  • Use Autospreader® to take advantage of cross-exchange spreading opportunities, such as gold at DGCX versus TOCOM.
  • Identify opportunities in grain options using our suite of options analytics.
  • Use Spread Matrix to create a custom spread between any two commodities and view that spread relationship along its forward curve.
  • Centralize order execution with TT® OMS and care order functionality.
  • Manually fill your internal traders based on your firm’s overall position or inventory.
  • Leverage Position Transfer to prevent cross-trading within your firm.
  • Use TT® Score to detect potential problematic behavior, such as spoofing.