Import and store all order activity across your enterprise and utilize it for a variety of analytical and compliance purposes.



Import all order activity across your entire enterprise--directly from an exchange drop copy or from your own feed that conforms to our FIX Inbound Drop Copy spec.


Execution reports from all drop feeds are ingested via FIX Inbound Drop Copy and normalized on TT.


All data that is ingested and normalized is stored along with transactional data generated within TT.

  • Once data is ingested and stored, it is accessible from the same tools that use data generated from TT.
  • Use TT Score to surveil trade activity across all platforms in use at your company to identify behaviors that pose the greatest regulatory risk.
  • View all working orders, fills and positions across all accounts for a true enterprise view of risk.
  • With all of your firm’s trade data stored in one place, you can easily comply with exchange and regulatory agency compliance requirements.

Data Ingest Diagram

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