Charting & Analytics

Tap into a fully integrated solution optimized for analysts and technical traders.


18+ Chart Types

View Helkin-Ashi, Candle, Scatterplot, Mountain, Wave, Price Distribution and more.

100+ Technical Indicators

Add studies, overlays, oscillators and more from a continually growing list of technicals.

10+ Years of Data

Access high-quality historical tick data for all major futures and fixed income markets.


Choose from portrait and landscape charts on TT Mobile for Android and iOS devices.

Spread Charts

Leverage bid-to-bid/ask-to-ask price calculations for accurate synthetic spread charting.

Chart Trading

Place and manage orders directly on the chart and view your fills alongside time series data.

  • Fully integrated with the TT platform.
  • Leverage the speed and reliability of TT's real-time market data to power your charts.
  • Incorporate chart and study values into your automated trading strategies.
  • Easy to use Price Distribution charts.