Charting & Analytics

The complete solution for technical traders. Fully integrated with the TT platform.


Analyze and trade from your charts


Extensive list of chart types, including Mountain, Wave and Price Distribution.

Technical analysis

100+ customizable technical indicators and drawing tools.

Historical data

High-quality historical tick data for all major futures and fixed income markets.


Portrait and landscape charts available on Android and iOS devices.

Spread charts

Bid-to-bid/ask-to-ask price calculations for accurate synthetic spread charting.

Chart trading

Place and manage orders directly on the chart and view your fills alongside time series data.

Charting and analytics highlights

  • Access charts as an integrated part of TT's execution platform or use as a standalone charting solution.
  • Leverage the speed and reliability of TT's real-time market data to power your charts.
  • Have confidence in the integrity of TT's extensive historical data set.
  • Incorporate chart and study values into your automated trading strategies.
  • View the distribution of prices and volume over time with Price Distribution charts.


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