Infrastructure Services

Whether or not you use the TT® platform, leverage our low-latency global financial network and expert operations team.


Infrastructure-as-a- Service (IaaS)

Focus on your business and let our team procure, host and monitor your infrastructure.


We have more than 20 years of experience designing networks, hosting infrastructure, and deploying and managing trading applications.

Global Network

Our network is designed for the performance and high-availability demands of professional traders.

Market Access

With our colocated data centers, we provide high-performance market data and order routing to each TT-connected exchange.


We provide various levels of hosting, with several server options to suit your needs.

Cost Effective

Our range of service offerings provides a low barrier to entry for anyone wanting to deploy software.

  • Gain access to a worldwide financial ecosystem and address your infrastructure needs.
  • Reduce vendor sprawl, solution complexity, time to market, investment and risk.
  • Try new markets without a huge investment or long-term commitment.
  • Provide regional access to your customers around the world.
  • Synchronize your PTP time service with TT-hosted infrastructure PTP services.

Hosting Services

Choose the level of managed hosting to suit your needs.
Hosted Compute icon
Hosted Compute

We provide a leased server with bootstrapped operating system and configuration to the IaaS network.

Hosted Infrastructure icon
Hosted Infrastructure

We provide installation and remote hands for customer-provided assets. Bootstrapping, configuration and imaging of server, and storage are the customer’s responsibility.


Network Services

Connect your applications around the globe.
Inter-Data-Center Connectivity icon
Inter-Data-Center Connectivity

Private customer bandwidth interconnecting customer networks between data centers.

Internet Access icon
Internet Access

Internet access is available from the customer’s network in every data center.

Ecosystem Connectivity icon
Ecosystem Connectivity

Connect to other market participants and systems via dedicated cross connects, financial extranet services or internet.


Exchange Services

Consume live prices and route orders to all exchange environments supported by TT.
Raw Exchange Market Data icon
Raw Exchange Market Data

Develop directly to the raw price feeds that exchanges provide for the lowest possible latency.

Order Routing Access icon
Order Routing Access

Use our existing low-latency exchange connectivity to route orders from your proprietary or third-party applications.

Exchange Drop Copy Feeds icon
Exchange Drop Copy Feeds

Pull execution reports directly from exchanges into your risk, middle and back office applications.

TT Platform Integration

Create optimal solutions by combining aspects of the TT platform with proprietary and third-party applications.
Low-Latency Access icon
Low-Latency Access

Reduce solution complexity, improve resiliency and eliminate unnecessary latency by minimizing system integration points. Leverage our low-latency APIs—Core SDK, .NET SDK, FIX and TT Strategy Studio—to build your trading strategies.

Normalization icon

Streamline your development with normalized prices and orders through the use of our APIs and FIX Services.

Risk and Compliance icon
Risk and Compliance

Access and view post-trade data from multiple systems all in one place for a global view of risk.