Case Studies

TT CampusConnect® enhances learning. Want to know how? Read on.

Success Stories

Learn how schools use TT software inside and outside the classroom.
DePaul University

An in-class trading exercise demonstrates the market impact of event risk.
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Georgia Institute of Technology

Our software reinforces classroom learning, providing a deeper understanding of current market dynamics and automated trading.
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North Dakota State University

Farmers and students learn how to manage the price risk associated with crop production using futures, options and spread trading.
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Tulane University

Students use exchange traded derivatives for hedging, trading and monitoring the forward curve in the energy markets.
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University of Chicago

Students master the Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol to write electronic trading applications.
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University of Chicago: Midwest Trading Competition

Collaborating with TT for the 2017 Midwest Trading Competition allowed UChicago to host one of the most sophisticated and realistic trading competitions around.
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University of Colorado - Denver

A curriculum co-developed by us helps students who already work at energy firms manage energy production price volatility.
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University of London: King’s College London and Queen Mary University of London

By incorporating our software in course instruction, students are immersed in a realistic trading environment without leaving the classroom and without the pressure of trading real money.
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University of Michigan

Now with the TT platform, University of Michigan students use the same software that’s used by professional traders around the world to develop strategies, manage orders and experience real-world outcomes.
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University of Wisconsin—Madison

Our software demonstrates liquidity, price discovery and volatility, preparing students for careers in commodity markets.
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