Trade Surveillance & Compliance

Use TT® Score and leverage machine learning software to identify trading behavior that may prompt regulatory inquiries.


Identify Risk

Detect potential high-risk activity using advanced pattern recognition and flag hidden threats well before disaster strikes.

Avoid Violations

Discover manipulative or disruptive activity before violations happen, preventing fines and enforcement investigations.

Optimize Operations

Streamline compliance and risk reviews by identifying, prioritizing and addressing higher risk activity sooner and more efficiently.

Detect Anomalies

Find outlier events by understanding historical trends, environmental context and correlation within firm activity.

Instantly Enable for Use with TT

Compliance officers can immediately monitor and evaluate order activity for all traders, and individual users can monitor their own activity.

Surveil Users of Other Platforms

Use FIX Drop Copy to pull order activity from any platform, including X_TRADER®, third-party vendors and proprietary systems, into TT and store it indefinitely.

  • Get complete transparency into your firm's compliance risk with TT Score.
  • Pattern recognition based on machine learning identifies behaviors that pose the greatest regulatory risk to your firm.
  • Trained to recognize high-risk activity from actual regulatory cases and investigations.
  • Learns as it becomes exposed to new data to improve accuracy.
  • Adapts easily to new infrastructure, data sources and regulatory mandates.

TT® Score

Machine learning technology identifies patterns of behavior that pose the greatest regulatory risk with unparalleled precision.
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Cluster and Score icon
Cluster and Score

Aggregate order message data into “clusters” of related intent to understand overall trader behavior. TT’s surveillance software automatically generate a “risk score” for each cluster that represents its similarity to patterns that have drawn negative regulatory attention in the past.

Visualize and Investigate icon
Visualize and Investigate

Illustrate the compliance risk of any firm cross-section, including trader, product or sales group. Quickly analyze trader activity and take corrective action where necessary.

Surveillance Model Overviews

Catch multiple types of potentially problematic activity.

Identify various forms of market abuse that involve false or misleading order activity known as spoofing.

Abusive Messaging Detection

Spot patterns of disruptive or excessive order activity.

Momentum Ignition Detection

Pinpoint behavior designed to initiate rapid market movement at the expense of other participants.

Collusive Spoofing

Identify spoofing patterns generated by multiple trader IDs to flag possible collusion.

Pinging and Phishing Detection

Detect activity designed to take advantage of hidden volume at the expense of slower market participants.

Wash Trade Detection

Identify executions with no change in beneficial ownership.

Cross Trade Detection

Expose potential cross trades without sufficient delay between order entries.

Marking the Close

Detect potential settlement price manipulation in outrights and spreads, and identify on-exchange activity that may have influenced the settlement price.

Influencing the Open

Detect indirect wash trades that occur before open trading in violation of exchange rules. Identify potential manipulation of the indicative open price during the pre-open period.

Price Ramping

Analyze trading behavior that creates artificial price movement in a single direction with aggressive orders.

Order Book Dominance

Analyze and score clusters that may indicate that a single trader is dominating the total traded volume for an instrument during a session.

Dominance at Open

Analyze and score clusters that may indicate that a single trader is dominating the total traded volume for an instrument during the market open.

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TT® Score

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Trading Technologies acquired SCORE from Neurensic on October 6, 2017. For more information, see Trading Technologies’ Acquisition of Neurensic Couples World-class Trade Execution Platform with Cutting-edge AI Surveillance.