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MiFID II Go-live on January 3rd, 2018


As a reminder, the MiFID II legislation that introduces new rules and transaction reporting obligations will go into effect on January 3, 2018.  MiFID II regulations have introduced rules and transaction reporting requirements for investment firms and trading venues across Europe and specifically impact order execution on the following exchanges:

  • EEX
  • Eurex
  • Euronext
  • ICE
  • IDEM
  • LME
  • LSE
  • MEFF
  • Nasdaq

Customers must ensure that the necessary TT software has been upgraded to ensure full compliance with the MiFID II requirements.  The following Trading Technologies product versions support MiFID II compliance for transaction reporting and algorithmic trading:

  • X_TRADER 7.17.80 or higher
  • TT User Setup 7.17.84 or higher
  • X_RISK® 7.17.80 or higher
  • TT Gateway 7.18.25 or higher
    • ICE Gateway
    • MEFF Gateway
    • Eurex Gateway (supports EEX and Eurex exchanges)
    • NYSE_LIFFE Gateway (supports Euronext exchange)
    • NASDAQ_OMX_EU Gateway
    • LME Gateway
    • LSE Gateway (supports IDEM and LSE exchanges)
  • FIX Adapter 7.17.96 or higher
    • Drop Copy
    • Order Routing
  • Autospreader® Strategy Engine 7.17.80 or higher
  • Synthetic Strategy Engine 7.17.80 or higher
  • Algo Strategy Engine 7.17.80 or higher


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