Community provides users a forum to engage with our product teams and other Community members about the TT platform. Community is organized into different “spaces” that cover specific products or areas of functionality and includes a space named TT Platform for more general discussion.

In addition to Community, we use the popular Q&A website Stack Overflow to field technical questions related to all SDKs / APIs offered by TT. If you wish to ask questions relating to TT’s SDKs / APIs, please add the [algorithmic-trading] tag to your question so it is more easily identified by TT as well as any other experts.

Before posting a new question for the first time, please take a moment to read through the Stack Overflow FAQ. The site and its community have guidelines and tips that should be followed to help ensure your question is answered. Please do a quick search before you post since it is very likely that someone has already asked the same or a similar question.

To report issues with TT, please submit a support ticket by clicking Support on the TT titlebar and the Send Feedback button or by visiting the TT Support Center page in the Resources section of the TT website.