Trader Credentials

Trader and Administrator ID Authentication

TT administrators must provide traders and administrators with access to the Algo SE Servers. You configure a trader to access Algo SE in the same way as configuring a trader to log into a standard TT Gateway, except for the following restrictions:

  • If a trader logs into all TT Gateways with the same TTORD MGT, you can assign the same credentials for logging into the Algo SE Gateway.
  • If a trader uses an exchange trader ID, or uses multiple TTORD MGTs, to connect to a set of TT Gateways, you must create a synthetic exchange trader ID for logging into the Algo SE Gateway.

In either case, Algo SE risk-checks all orders with the risk limits associated with the trader ID of the destination TT Gateway before routing the orders.

Using Synthetic Exchange Trader IDs

If you choose to assign a synthetic exchange trader ID for a user to login to Algo SE, the ID must not conflict with any other IDs in the system. To distinguish these exchange trader IDs from all other IDs and ensure that they do not conflict with other IDs, you should choose a unique naming convention for synthetic exchange trader IDs used to connect to Algo SE, such as:

  • TTAlgSE / SE1 / 001
  • TTAlgSE / SE1 / 002
  • TTAlgSE / SE1 / 003
  • TTAlgSE / SE2 / 001
  • TTAlgSE / SE2 / 002
  • and so on